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Disk Shelves

DS2246 Documentation

Guided Problem Solving for Disk Shelves and Storage Media

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DS2246 [Top]
DS2246 Disk Shelf Installation and Setup
Part No. 210-04881+B0
Provides an overview of the DS2246 disk shelf and information about installation. PDF
DS4243, DS2246, DS4486, and DS4246 Disk Shelf Installation and Service Guide
Part No. 215-06427_F0
Provides detailed information about installation, setup, hot-adding disk shelves, hot-removing disk shelves, LEDs, error messages, and FRU replacement. PDF
Installation Notes for the Serial ATA Disk Drive
Part No. 210-01128+A0
Describes installation considerations for the X266B SATA disk drive kit PDF
Installing 2U equipment into a two-post rack
Part No. 210-04882+B0
Provides instructions for installing 2U equipment into a two-post rack as a flush-mount or mid-mount installation. PDF
Part No. 215-05428_A0
Provides third party copyright and license information. PDF
SAS and ACP Cabling Guide for DS4243, DS2246, DS4486, and DS4246
Part No. 215-05500_J0
Provides information about cabling disk shelves with IOM3 or IOM6 modules for a new system installation, SAS cabling rules, ACP cabling rules, and cabling examples. This document was formerly known as the "Universal SAS and ACP Cabling Guide. PDF

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