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SANscreen Suite

5.1.4 Documentation

5.1.4 [Top]
Release Notes
Part No. 215-05282_A0
Describes requests for enhancements that have been implemented and the issues that were resolved in this release. PDF
Application Insight User Guide
Part No. 215-04871_A0
Describes how to use Application Insight, which helps you reclaim underutilized resources, manage tiers, identify multipath risks, and troubleshoot ongoing performance bottlenecks. PDF
Capacity Manager User Guide
Part No. 215-04639_A0
Describes how to use Capacity Manager to enable educated capacity management decisions by managing the end-to-end resource order and allocation process. PDF
Connect API Reference Manual
Part No. 215-05011_A0
Provides NetApp customers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with information needed to develop applications on top of the SANscreen change and service repository and engine. PDF
Data Sources User Guide
Part No. 215-04648_A0
Describes the configuration of available data sources for SANscreen. PDF
Data Warehouse User Guide
Part No. 215-04644_A0
Describes a data warehouse repository that consolidates multiple SANscreen® operational databases in an easy-to-query (star schema) format. PDF
Enterprise Reporting Data Model User Guide
Part No. 215-04564_A0
Describes the metadata model upon which SANscreen reports are based. PDF
Enterprise Reporting for Capacity Manager User Guide
Part No. 215-04645_A0
Provides a description and explanation of all capacity reports available for users. PDF
Enterprise Reporting for Service Insight User Guide
Part No. 215-04646_A0
Provides a description and explanation of all inventory reports available for users. PDF
Installation and Administration Guide
Part No. 215-04872_A0
Provides an overview of the suite architecture with instructions to get the system running, discover the SAN, and perform administrative tasks. PDF
Part No. 215-04657_A0
Provides copyright information on third-party products used in SANscreen 5.1. PDF
Request Portal User Guide
Part No. 215-04649_A0
Describes the method by which system administrators can communicate their storage capacity requirements to the SAN manager using web access instead of the full SANscreen feature set. PDF
Service Assurance User Guide
Part No. 215-04643_A0
Describes how to use Service Assurance, which helps you analyze and validate your SAN change processes by 1) tracking the impact of SAN changes and events before they occur, and 2) detecting and correcting SAN-related problems rapidly. PDF
Service Insight User Guide
Part No. 215-04870_A0
Describes how to use Service Insight, which provides visibility into your SAN environment, including host-to-storage access paths, storage availability, and change management. PDF
System Sizing Guidelines
Part No. 215-04809_A0
Provides, hardware, software, and sizing requirements and recommendations for SANscreen deployment. PDF
VM Insight User Guide
Part No. 215-04640_A0
Describes how to use VM Insight, which provides visibility into the virtualized server configuration. PDF

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