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E5500 Series

E5524 Documentation

Guided Problem Solving for E5500

This page lists the documents for E5524 Storage Systems.

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E5524 [Top]
DC Power Installation and AC-to-DC Supply Power Conversion Guide
Part No. 215-09441_A0
Provides instructions for installing a tray with the DC power option and replacing DC-compatible power-fan canisters. PDF
E-Series Site Preparation Guide
Part No. 215-13114_A0
Describes how to prepare for the installation of controller shelves and drive shelves into industry-standard racks and cabinets. PDF
E5500 Controller-Drive Tray and Related Drive Trays Installation Guide
Part No. 215-10517_A0
Provides detailed installation instructions for the E5560, E5524, and E5512 controller-drive trays. HTML
Installation and Setup Instructions for E-Series 12 and 24 Drive trays
Part No. 210-06609_A0
Provides basic hardware installation instructions for all 2U controller-drive trays and drive trays. PDF
Installing Adjustable Support Rails
Part No. 215-07733_A0
Provides instructions for installing adjustable support rails to two-unit high trays. PDF
Replacing a Drive in E2600, E2700, E5400, E5500, E5600 or 12-Drive or 24-Drive Trays
Part No. 215-11738_A0
Describes how to replace a drive in a E2600, E2700, E5400, E5500, E5600, or 12-drive or 12-drive trays. HTML
Replacing a Failed Controller Battery
Part No. 215-09081_A0
Describes how to replace a controller battery in the E5512 and E5524 controller-drive tray. PDF
Replacing a Failed Controller Canister
Part No. 215-09082_A0
Describes how to replace a controller canister in an E5512 and 5524 controller-drive tray. PDF
Replacing a Failed Host Interface Card
Part No. 215-08993_A0
Describes how to replace a host interface card in an E5512 and E5524 controller-drive tray by replacing a controller canister. PDF
Replacing a Power-Fan Canister in the E5512 Controller-Drive Tray or the E5524 Controller-Drive Tray
Part No. 215-07666_A0
Describes how to replace a power-fan canister in an E5512 or E5524 controller-drive tray. PDF
Upgrading Host Interface Cards
Part No. 215-09084_A0
Describes how to upgrade the host interface cards in an E5512 and E5524 controller-drive tray by replacing the controller canisters. PDF

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