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Data ONTAP 8

8.2 Clustered Documentation


This page includes all reference documents for this version of Data ONTAP. To access other documents, see the following sites:

  • For hardware documents, including field-replaceable unit (FRU) maintenance procedures, installation and setup overviews, and hardware overviews, see the Products A to Z page.
  •  For Express Guides that describe how to complete key tasks quickly using NetApp best practices, see the Express Guide library for this release.  

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For a list of hardware platforms supported in this release, see the Release Notes in the table below. 

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For a list of hardware platforms supported in this release, see the Release Notes in the table below. See the Clustered Data ONTAP Storage Platform Mixing Rules for supported options when combining different models of storage platforms in clustered Data ONTAP.

8.2 Clustered [Top]
Release Notes
Part No. 215-07964_A0 ur005
Provides up-to-date information about the clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 release. PDF
7-Mode Data Transition Using SnapMirror
Part No. 215-09195_A0
Describes how to transition data from systems running Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP by using SnapMirror commands. PDF
Cluster and Vserver Peering Express Guide
Part No. 215-07997_B0
Describes how to quickly configure a peer relationship between two clusters and two Vservers. PDF
Command Map for 7-Mode Administrators
Part No. 215-07951_A0
Maps Data ONTAP commands in 7-Mode to their equivalents in clustered Data ONTAP. PDF
Commands: Manual Page Reference
Part No. 215-07962_A0
Describes syntax and usage of supported clustered Data ONTAP commands. PDF
Data Protection Guide
Part No. 215-07963_B0
Describes how to plan and manage disaster recovery and disk-to-disk backup of clustered systems. PDF
Data Protection Tape Backup and Recovery Guide
Part No. 215-07965_A0
Describes how to back up and recover data using tape backup and recovery features in clusters, using NDMP and dump technologies. PDF
Documentation Roadmap
Part No. 215-07966_B0
Identifies the source of information you need for performing installation, configuration, and management tasks in clusters. PDF
File Access and Protocols Management Guide
Part No. 215-07968_A0
Describes how to configure and manage file access to clusters using the CIFS and NFS protocols, including authentication, authorization, security, and auditing. PDF
High-Availability Configuration Guide
Part No. 215-07970_A0
Describes how to install and manage high-availability clustered configurations, including storage failover and takeover/giveback. PDF
Logical Storage Management Guide
Part No. 215-07971_B0
Describes how to manage logical storage resources in clusters, including FlexVol volumes and Infinite Volumes, FlexClone volumes, files and LUNs, and FlexCache volumes, using deduplication, compression, qtrees, and quotas. PDF
Network Management Guide
Part No. 215-07972_A0
Describes how to configure and manage physical and virtual network ports (VLANs and interface groups), LIFs using IPv4 and IPv6, routing, and host-resolution services in clusters; optimize network traffic by load balancing; and monitor the cluster by using SNMP. PDF
Part No. 215-07731_A0
Provides copyright and license information on third-party products used in Data ONTAP 8.2. PDF
Physical Storage Management Guide
Part No. 215-07973_A0
Describes how to manage physical storage resources for FlexVol volumes and Infinite Volumes in clusters, including disks, RAID groups, and aggregates. PDF
Remote Support Agent Configuration Guide
Part No. 215-08022_A0
Describes how to configure and manage the Remote Support Agent and monitor remote diagnostic activity in clusters. PDF
SAN Administration Guide
Part No. 215-07953_B0
Describes how to configure and manage the iSCSI, FCoE, and FC protocols for clustered SAN environments, including configuration of LUNs, igroups, and targets. PDF
SAN Configuration Guide
Part No. 215-07954_A0
Describes supported FC, iSCSI, and FCoE topologies for connecting host computers to storage controllers in clusters, and lists supported limits for SAN components. PDF
SAN Express Setup Guide for 32xx Systems
Part No. 215-07999_A0
Describes how to quickly rack, cable, initially configure, and test a cluster for SAN environments on 32xx systems. PDF
SAN Express Setup Guide for 62xx Systems
Part No. 215-07998_A0
Describes how to quickly rack, cable, initially configure, and test a cluster for SAN environments on 62xx systems. PDF
SnapMirrorĀ® Intercluster Configuration Express Guide
Part No. 215-08272_A0 ur002
Describes how to quickly configure SnapMirror relationships between volumes that are located in different Data ONTAP 8.2 clusters. PDF
SnapVault Express Guide
Part No. 215-07993_B0
Describes how to quickly configure an intercluster backup vault relationship and restore a volume from backup. PDF
Software Setup Guide
Part No. 215-07955_A0
Describes how to set up and configure clustered Data ONTAP, including initial Vserver configuration. PDF
System Administration Guide for Cluster Administrators
Part No. 215-07956_A0
Describes general system administration of a cluster, including the CLI interface, cluster access, node management, Vserver setup, user account management, event monitoring, and performance evaluation. PDF
System Administration Guide for Vserver Administrators
Part No. 215-07958_A0
Describes Vserver administrator capabilities for managing Vservers in clusters, including Vserver access and user account authentication. PDF
Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide
Part No. 215-07957_A0
Describes how to upgrade clusters to the latest version of Data ONTAP software and firmware, and how to revert software to an earlier release family or downgrade it within the same release family. PDF
V-Series Systems Implementation Guide for NetApp E-Series Storage
Part No. 215-08610_A0
Provides information about supported configurations for E-Series storage arrays and required storage array settings for working with V-Series systems. PDF
V-Series Systems Implementation Guide for Third-Party Storage
Part No. 210-06054_A0
Provides information about supported configurations for storage arrays and required storage array settings for working with V-Series. PDF
V-Series Systems Installation Requirements and Reference Guide
Part No. 210-06053_A0
Provides requirements for setting up a V-Series system with any storage array and quick start installation instructions. PDF
Vserver Root Volume Protection Express Guide
Part No. 215-08271_A0_ur002
Describes how to quickly create load-sharing mirrors on every node of a Data ONTAP 8.2 cluster to protect the Vserver root volume, which is a NetApp best practice for NAS-enabled Vservers. Also describes how to quickly recover from volume failures or losses by promoting the Vserver root volume from a load-sharing mirror. PDF

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