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Cluster, Management and Storage Switches

CN1601 Documentation

CN1601 [Top]
CN1601 and CN1610 Switch Setup and Configuration Guide
Part No. 215-06778_B0
This guide describes how to configure the switch hardware and software for your cluster environment. PDF
CN1601 Network Switch CLI Command Reference
Part No. 215-06283_B0
This manual describes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you use to configure the CN1601 software. PDF
CN1601 Switch Administrator's Guide
Part No. 215-06284_B0
This guide provides examples of how to use the CN1601 switch in a typical network. PDF
Installing FASTPATH software and RCFs on a NetApp cluster switch
Part No. 215-09651_E0
Describes how to install FASTPATH and reference configuration files (RCFs) on a NetApp CN1610 cluster switch. PDF
Installing FASTPATH software and RCFs on NetApp cluster switches running ONTAP 8.3.1 and later
Part No. 215-10191_E0
Describes how to install FASTPATH and reference configuration files (RCFs) on NetApp CN1601 management and CN1610 cluster switches running Data ONTAP 8.3.1 and later. PDF
Migrating to a two-node switched cluster with NetApp CN1610 cluster switches
Part No. 215-07114_H0
Describes the procedure to change from a switchless configuration to a cluster configuration with two CN1610 cluster switches. PDF
NetApp 1G Cluster-Mode Switch Installation Guide
Part No. 215-06285_B0
This guide provides an overview of the CN1601 switch hardware and software features and installation process. PDF
Replacing a CN1601 Switch
Part No. 215-07106_A0
Describes the procedure to replace a defective CN1601 switch, the switch operating system, and the reference configuration file. PDF

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