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E-Series SANtricity Management Software

11.60 Documentation

This page lists all the documents for the SANtricity System Manager 11.60.

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11.60 [Top]
Release Notes
Part No. 215-14476_A0_UR004
Describes known issues with the software, firmware, and hardware for a release and work-arounds for those issues. It describes issues resolved since the previous release and software dependencies. It describes new features, standard feathers, and premium features for the release. PDF
Adding IOM Drive Shelves to an Existing E27XX, E56XX, or EF560 Controller Shelf
Part No. 215-14522_A0
Describes how to add IOM Drive Shelves to an existing E27XX, E56XX, or EF560 Controller Shelf PDF
E-Series and EF-Series Documentation Site
Part No. N/A
Provides product information in searchable HTML format and PDF and EPUB (where available) for optional download. LINK
Extending the life of an older E-Series array by putting it behind a new E-Series SAS-3 Controller Shelf
Part No. 215-14533_A0
This flyer describes how you can convert the controller shelf in an approved SAS-2 array (E2700, E5500/EF550, E5600/EF560) to a drive shelf and then place that shelf and any associated approved SAS-2 expansion shelves (DE1600, DE5600, DE6600) behind a new approved SAS-3 array (E2800, E5700/EF570) and approved SAS-3 expansion shelves (DE212C, DE224C, DE460C) for maximum performance and investment protection. PDF
Part No. 215-14587_A0_UR001
Provides information about the third-party copyright and licenses used in the product. PDF

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