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Interconnect and Management Switches

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Interconnect and Management Switches [Top]
Model numberView document
Nexus 92300YCAll Documents  
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Nexus 5596All Documents  
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Nexus 3232CAll Documents  
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Nexus 3132Q-VAll Documents  
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CN1610All Documents  
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CN1601All Documents  
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BES-53248All Documents  
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Interconnect and Management Switches Documentation [Top]
Replacing CN1610 cluster switches with Cisco® Nexus 5596 cluster switches
Part No. 215-07111_G0
Describes the procedure to replace CN1610 switches with Cisco 5596 switches. PDF
Transitioning to a two-node switchless cluster
Part No. 215-07834_J0
Describes how to transition from a switch cluster to a switchless cluster. PDF
General Information [Top]
42U 1280mm system relocation kit instructions
Part No. 210-06755+B0
Instructions for using the system cabinet relocation kit for the 42U 1280mm system cabinet. PDF
42U System Cabinet Guide
Part No. 215-05266_A0
Describes how to install and maintain the 42U system cabinet. PDF
42U System Cabinet, Deep Guide
Part No. 215-05677_B0_ur001
Describes the 42U system cabinet, deep associated FRUs, and provides maintenance and FRU replacement instructions. PDF
Illuminated system cabinet badge replacement instructions
Part No. 215-08510_A0
Describes how to replace the illuminated badge on a 42U system cabinet, deep. PDF
Installing a Pass-Through Panel
Part No. 215-07732_A0
Describes how to install the pass-through panel in system cabinets where power connectors are at the front of the chassis and power distribution units are located in the rear of the chassis. PDF
Installing a two-post rail kit for FAS9000 and AFF A700 systems
Part No. 210-06712+B0
Describes how to install the two-post rail fits for flush-mount and mid-mount FAS9000 and AFF A700 systems. PDF
Installing SuperRail into a four-post rack
Part No. 210-06784+A0
Describes how to install the SuperRail kit in system cabinets and 4-post Telco racks. PDF
Instructions for Installing or Replacing a 3-Phase Power Distribution Unit
Part No. 215-04574_A0
Describes how to install or replace a 3-Phase PDU in a NetApp 42U system cabinet. PDF
Platform Monitoring Guide
Part No. 215-06774_A0_ur004
The Platform Monitoring Guide is no longer available. See the Hardware Universe for the data that was found in the Platform Monitoring Guide. PDF
Rail Kit II Installation Instructions
Part No. 210-04607+B0
Describes how to install the Rail Kit II system cabinet rails in the 42U system cabinet PDF
Replacing or Installing a Single Phase, 12-outlet, Power Distribution Unit
Part No. 215-04940_A0
Describes how to replace existing PDUs with a 30A, single-phase, 12-Outlet PDU. PDF
Safety Information and Regulatory Notices
Part No. 210-06626+B0
Describes safety information and regulatory notices. PDF
Site Requirements Guide
Part No. 215-06458_A0_ur014
The Site Requirements Guide is no longer available. See the Hardware Universe for the data that was found in the Site Requirements Guide. PDF
System Cabinet Corrugated Relocation Kit Instructions
Part No. 210-05509+A0
Graphical instructions for the system cabinet relocating kit using the corrugated packaging and folding ramp. PDF
System cabinet relocating kit instructions
Part No. 210-05128+A0
Graphical instructions for the system cabinet relocating kit; the kit includes a new ramp to stabilize the pallet. PDF
System cabinet unpacking instructions
Part No. 210-04874+B0
Graphical instructions for unpacking your system cabinet from the shipping crate. PDF
Telco Tray and Rail Kit Installation Instructions
Part No. 210-00734+D0
Installation instructions for the NetApp Telco Tray and universal rail kit. PDF
Unpacking a 42U system cabinet from corrugated packaging
Part No. 210-05208+A0
Graphical instructions for unpacking your system cabinet from the corrugated shipping container. PDF
Using Aggregate Relocation to Manually Upgrade Controller Hardware
Part No. 215-12065_A0_UR008
Provides information to manually upgrade controller hardware non-disruptively using aggregate relocation. HTML
Using “system controller replace” Commands to Upgrade Controller Hardware Running ONTAP 9.5 or Later
Part No. 215-13625_A0_UR005
Provides information to nondisruptively upgrade controller hardware running ONTAP 9.5 or later using “system controller replace” commands, providing a simplified semi-automatic workflow that leverages aggregate relocation. HTML

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