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Cluster, Management and Storage Switches

NetApp offers cluster, storage, and shared switches that deliver internal communications with the ability to non-disruptively move data and network interfaces across the cluster.
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Cluster, Management and Storage Switches [Top]
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Nexus 92300YCAll Documents  
Nexus 9336C-FX2All Documents  
Nexus 5596All Documents  
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General Information [Top] [Top]
42U 1280mm System Cabinet Documentation
Part No. N/A
Provides product information in searchable HTML format and in PDF format for optional download. LINK
Installing a Pass-Through Panel
Part No. 215-07732_A0
Describes how to install the pass-through panel in system cabinets where power connectors are at the front of the chassis and power distribution units are located in the rear of the chassis. PDF
Installing a two-post rail kit for FAS9000 and AFF A700 systems
Part No. N/A
Describes how to install the two-post rail fits for flush-mount and mid-mount FAS9000 and AFF A700 systems. LINK
Installing SuperRail into a four-post rack
Part No. N/A
Describes how to install the SuperRail kit in system cabinets and 4-post Telco racks. LINK
Instructions for Installing or Replacing a 3-Phase Power Distribution Unit
Part No. 215-04574_A0
Describes how to install or replace a 3-Phase PDU in a NetApp 42U system cabinet. PDF
Replacing or Installing a Single Phase, 12-outlet, Power Distribution Unit
Part No. 215-04940_A0
Describes how to replace existing PDUs with a 30A, single-phase, 12-Outlet PDU. PDF
Safety Information and Regulatory Notices
Part No. 210-06626+D0
Describes safety information and regulatory notices. PDF
System Cabinet Corrugated Relocation Kit Instructions
Part No. 210-05509+A0
Graphical instructions for the system cabinet relocating kit using the corrugated packaging and folding ramp. PDF
System cabinet relocating kit instructions
Part No. 210-05128+A0
Graphical instructions for the system cabinet relocating kit; the kit includes a new ramp to stabilize the pallet. PDF

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