Clustered Data ONTAP Transition

If you are an existing NetApp customer with 7-Mode storage systems, you will need to transition your existing environment to clustered Data ONTAP in order to take advantage of the new capabilities.



Clustered Data ONTAP Qualification Test Reference

Identifies the clustered Data ONTAP feature list, which goes along with the solution. It further identifies the test cases associated with each of the features.

In-Place Upgrade Planning and Procedure Guide

Details about 32-bit circumstances found at customer environment during transition from 7-Mode to cDOT with probable solution and detailed procedure for in-place upgrade of 32-bit aggregates and volumes.



ADP Conversion - Non-Disruptive Procedure

Details the advanced drive partitioning conversion  non-disruptive procedure.


7-Mode Transition Tool Prechecks - Quick Reference

Helps to verify if the 7-Mode sources, clustered Data ONTAP targets, and configurations are valid for your transition.


TDP SnapMirror Transition Checklist Guide

Provides the checklist for Prepare, Cutover, and Rollback phases while transitioning the 7-Mode volumes to clustered Data ONTAP using TDP SnapMirror CLI commands.