Data Protection Services

NetApp Data Protection service portfolio consists of numerous services, which enable configuration of reliable backup, instant restore, simplified disaster recovery, and multi-data center replications using various NetApp products.


This page lists the ServiceBuilder for the associated service and is available in CHM and HTML formats, supplemented with Additional Deliverables and links to appropriate tools.


Note: To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, save the .chm and .html files on your local system. Open the compressed folder and click Extract. For HTML files, open the index.html file to view the home page.


MetroCluster Implementation Service - Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 ServiceBuilder



Provides design and implementation of NetApp MetroCluster in clustered Data ONTAP, which enables continuous data availability and comprehensive disaster recovery for business-critical applications.

MetroCluster Cabling Quick Reference - Clustered Data ONTAP® 8.3


Provides quick guidelines for cabling MetroCluster solution components in clustered Data ONTAP environment.

Snap Creator Implementation

Provides a consistent and centralized data protection solution for customer specific application and database environment by leveraging NetApp Snap Creator.

SnapProtect Design and Implementation ServiceBuilder

Provides insight to planning, configuring backup and restore for enterprise applications and virtualized environments.