NetApp ONTAP Cloud and Cloud Manager Resources

NetApp ONTAP Cloud is a software-only storage service that runs the NetApp ONTAP storage software. It provides non-dispruptive, secure, and proven NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI data management for the cloud. OnCommand® Cloud Manager is required to deploy and manage ONTAP Cloud. Cloud Manager provides a simple interface to all of your ONTAP-based storage in the cloud and on your premises. Use the resources on this page to deploy and use both ONTAP Cloud and Cloud Manager.

The resources on this page are for Cloud Manager 3.3 and ONTAP Cloud 9.2, which are the most recent releases.

Getting started

Installing and setting up Cloud Manager

Using Cloud Manager to manage ONTAP Cloud systems and volumes

Advanced management of ONTAP Cloud

Administering Cloud Manager

Developers' tools

Documentation for earlier releases

What is ONTAP Cloud