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Last updated: August 24, 2018


Use the links below to view NetApp products and services that have reached the end of availability or are no longer available for purchase.

If you have questions regarding items contained in this listing, contact your NetApp sales or channel partner representative.

Refer to our End of Support Archive listing of hardware and software products that are no longer supported.

Refer to the Hardware Universe to access specific hardware product EOS/EOA information.

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Support Policy

Software Support

For those customers who have purchased a NetApp software license and a corresponding NetApp Software Support Plan (SSP), the software support entitlement differs depending on the type of software licensed.

  1. Embedded System Software - Embedded system software resides on NetApp hardware products and includes the operating system and included or optional software products with entitlement tied to the associated NetApp hardware serial number.  Once the associated hardware product has reached End of Support (EOS), SSP can no longer be renewed for the software licensed on that platform.

    1. Feature/Maintenance Releases. Updates. A feature update is a release (example x.0) where new software features/enhancements are created for use on NetApp hardware products and a maintenance update is a release (example x.0.1) where maintenance requirements are instituted for a feature release. For products that have reached their End of Availability date (End of Availability (“EOA”) hardware), NetApp will test and qualify new software maintenance updates for a specified period after the hardware EOA date. For a feature (major) update, the full feature set of each new release will be supported on the platform that has reached EOA, to the extent of the technical limitations of the platform.

      Specified Period after EOA for Feature/Maintenance Updates (Feature Release Period)


      FAS/AFF, V-Series, E-Series, NearStore 2 years
      E-Series/EF-Series 2 years (maintenance updates only)
      DataFort, Lifetime Key Management, S Family 0 years 
      (no new major, feature, or maintenance updates)
      VTL 2 years 
      (maintenance updates only)
      SolidFire, HCI 3 years
    2. Patch/Fix Updates. A patch update consists of software patches required for the NetApp software to operate properly on existing equipment. NetApp will develop and provide bug fixes (software patches) for equipment that has reached EOA for a specified period. NetApp will patch the last valid maintenance update for a particular  hardware platform that has reached EOA. Patch updates will be delivered on an "as-needed basis" following the end of the initial feature update period or at greater intervals, if necessary. 

      Specified Period after EOA for Patch Updates (Bug Fix Period)

      Cloud Backup (AltaVault) 5 years
      FAS/AFF, V-Series, E-Series, NearStore 3 years after the initial 2 year feature update period has ended.
      E-Series/EF-Series 3 years after the initial 2 year maintenance update period has ended (limited interoperability testing with 3rd party products)
      DataFort, Lifetime Key Management 2 years
      S Family 3 years from date of initial shipment
      VTL 3 years after the initial 2 year maintenance update period has ended (no interoperability testing with 3rd party products)
      SolidFire, HCI 2 years after the initial 3 year feature update period has ended
  2. Standalone Software - Standalone Software is licensed with its own serial number and entitlement is not tied to any associated hardware.

    1. Software Product Support: NetApp will continue to provide support on its Standalone Software products until EOA has been announced for that software product and the software product has reached its End of Support (EOS) date. The SSP entitlement is attached to the software product serial number and not to a hardware serial number or specific version of the software (see End of Version Support details). SSP can be renewed on any Standalone Software product after EOA is announced until the EOS date of the software product has been reached. SSP contracts cannot be renewed for a term that extends past the EOS date of the software product. After EOA has been announced an active SSP contract on the Standalone Software product provides access to all software Patch/Bug Fix updates and 24x7 remote technical support until the software product has reached its EOS date.

      Specified Support Period after EOA for Standalone Software

      Feature/Maintenance Updates 0 Years (No new major, feature, or maintenance updates)
      Updates/Bug Fixes 3 Years after EOA (date last made available to customer for download on the NetApp Support Site)
    2. Software Version Support: Entitlement details for software version support can be found on the Software Version Support page
    3. For those customers using any of the Software items listed below, the following information describes the software support policy for these specific products:

      Product Software Support Policy

      Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV)
      OnCommand Core Package
      OnCommand Insight
      OnCommand System Manager 
      OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft
      OnCommand Site Recovery Plug-in for Microsoft

      NetApp, at its sole discretion, may discontinue the product and/or versions of the same. In that event, NetApp will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a 6 month notice before End of Availability and a 36 month notice before End of Support. NetApp reserves the right to amend this policy at its discretion