Active IQ


Active IQ is a web based application that is based on AutoSupport information from your NetApp systems providing predictive and proactive insights to help improve availability, efficiency, and performance.

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What's New?

  • Community wisdom powered Storage Efficiency and Risk Advisor
  • New Customizable, responsive dashboard
  • Capacity trending and forecasting so that you know when you need more storage
  • One-click lookup for your systems, sites, groups, and clusters
  • Workload tagging
  • Improved visibility for case tracking and trending



  • Predicts storage capacity growth to identify capacity addition needs
  • Recommends upgrade needs for ONTAP systems and provides upgrade plans
  • Proactively identifies system risks related to a configuration issue or known bugs
  • Provides configuration, capacity, efficiency, and performance views and reports for better management of your NetApp systems


How to Get Support

Please refer to the Active IQ Online Support page for details.