NetApp ONTAP Select Resources

NetApp® ONTAP® Select is a software-defined storage appliance that you can deploy on a variety of different commodity hardware servers running the VMware ESXi and KVM hypervisors. Designed to complement NetApp AFF, FAS, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage solutions, ONTAP Select lets you quickly spin up storage resources in your data center. It provides the agility you need to build a flexible and scalable private cloud infrastructure.


The following resources are available to help you learn about ONTAP Select, deploy it in your environment, and get started using ONTAP 9 in a virtualized environment. The resources on this page are for ONTAP Select 9.4 using ONTAP Select Deploy 2.9, which is the most recent ONTAP Select release.

Getting started

Installing and deploying ONTAP Select

ONTAP 9 documentation

After you have deployed your ONTAP Select clusters, you work with them just as you would a hardware-based ONTAP cluster. The ONTAP 9 Documentation Center provides a single stop for all ONTAP 9 documentation.

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