NetApp Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup Resources

With the NetApp® Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup, storage administrators and IT generalists can perform Snapshot copy-based data protection operations for Windows and UNIX file shares to and from public or private cloud object stores. Delivering high service levels with fast Snapshot copies and efficient array-based replication, the solution includes the following components:

  • ONTAP® 9 data management software
  • SnapCenter® Software data management software (optional)
  • AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage software

Use the following resources to learn how to deploy the Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup in your environment.


To ensure that the Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup can meet your needs, contact your NetApp account representative for a quick assessment of your environment.


Getting started

Upgrading ONTAP and setting up intercluster LIFs

Installing and maintaining SnapCenter

Setting up cloud provider connections and monitoring data protection in the cloud using AltaVault


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