Elio FAQ

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What is Elio?

Elio is our virtual support assistant—the first responder to technical support chats..



How do I access Elio?

There are several ways you can access Elio if you have a NetApp® Support site account. If you are on the Support site, or using NetApp Active IQ®, click the chat icon. You can also click the Technical Support Chat in the header of some NetApp OnCommand® products. Elio is also available on the mobile app. 


Access Elio directly on the Support Dashboard


Click the chat icon to access Elio from the NetApp Support site.


Click the chat icon to access Elio from the Active IQ (formerly My AutoSupport) site.


Click Technical Support Chat to access Elio from OnCommand System Manager.



What does a conversation with Elio look like?

It looks a lot like a chat with a technical support engineer, except that you see Elio’s robot-head avatar. Elio analyzes what you say on the intake form, possibly asks some additional clarifying questions, and makes a recommendation. 


Elio's head avatar shows that you are chatting with Elio.




How will I know that I am chatting with Elio on the mobile app?

You see a robot-head avatar when you are chatting with Elio on the mobile app or after you click Chat on the Support site or in OnCommand products.


Elio on the NetApp mobile app.



Will I always chat with Elio?

Not always. When you start a chat, you fill out a brief intake form to help NetApp understand what kind of question you have. If Elio has been trained on the topic, you will chat with Elio. If Elio hasn’t been trained on the topic, during technical support hours you will chat with a technical support engineer; outside technical support hours, Elio will open a case and an engineer will contact you.


When you select chat, you're asked to fill out a brief intake form.



What happens if Elio can’t answer my question?

Elio asks you whether you would like to chat with a technical support engineer or create a case. During technical support hours, Elio can route you to a technical support engineer for additional help. After hours, Elio opens a case, and an engineer contacts you during staffed hours.


If Elio can't answer your question, you can chat with a technical support engineer or create a support case.



Must I start from the beginning to explain my issue to the technical support engineer?

No. Elio forwards the transcript of your conversation, so that your technical support engineer knows about the conversation you have already had with Elio.



Can Elio be used by partners?

Yes, Elio works with anyone who has the ability and credentials to open a case on the Support site. Partners who are entitled to start a technical support chat or open a case about a specific customer’s system can also chat with Elio about that system.



What about customers of partners?

If you get your support directly from NetApp, you can chat with Elio. If you get your support from partners, continue to work with those partners for support.



Is Elio a separate service for which I must pay extra?

No. Elio is included with all levels of technical support entitlements. It is not a separate service. Elio is part of NetApp warranty and SupportEdge services.



Is "Elio" an acronym?

Elio is not an acronym; it’s just the virtual assistant’s name.



How can I give feedback about Elio?

We'd love to hear your input on Elio! You can send your feedback to ng-elio-feedback@netapp.com.



If Elio cannot answer a question, does the customer or partner need to manually take the next step of contacting NetApp Support, or will Elio direct them automatically?

Depending on which path they started the interaction with, customers and partners will be automatically offered the option to proceed with creating a case or chatting with a live engineer if they indicate that Elio was unable to solve their problem. If the user started the interaction via Chat, the button will say “Continue to live chat”. If the user started their interaction via new case creation, the button will say “Continue with case creation”.



How does Elio work?

Elio is built using Watson cognitive computing capabilities from IBM. These capabilities enable Elio to analyze unstructured data by using natural language processing to understand grammar and context, understand complex questions, and evaluate all possible meanings to determine what is being asked. Elio understands, reasons, and identifies the best answers to questions. NetApp experts continue to train Elio on more subjects.




Understand structured and unstructured data, tool-based or sensory in context and meaning, at astonishing speed and volume.

Form hypotheses, make considered arguments, and prioritize recommendations to help humans make better decisions.

Continually ingest and accumulate data and insight from every interaction and be trained, not programmed, by experts to enhance, scale, and accelerate expertise.



What do Elio and cognitive computing mean for NetApp?

Elio is an example of NetApp’s #Datadriven innovation. NetApp experts train Elio on our case histories. Using Watson cognitive computing, Elio provides top answers and solves problems, on average, four times faster than traditional methods. At NetApp, all our products, services, and solutions apply our rich legacy of data-driven innovation. This innovation delivers the products, solutions, and services you need for your digital transformations.



Where can I learn more about Watson?

You can learn more about Watson on IBM's website