NetApp Takes Your Data Security Seriously

We chose Aspera for the data upload solution because:

Aspera's FASP transfer protocol has a complete security model, including secure endpoint authentication through the standard SSH protocol, data encryption with strong cryptography (AES-128), per-packet integrity checking using a secure message digest, and optional encryption of transferred content at-rest.

The implementation is FIPS 140-2 compliant (a Federal NIST standard), and has been approved to run as a secure transport technology on multiple US Government networks.

The technology is a de facto industry standard for the secure, high-speed transfer of digital media content, and is an approved secure transport technology named by the MPAA.

 For more information on Aspera’s security model, please visit Aspera.


NetApp Information Security Processes are ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

NetApp is one of the few companies that have this certification.

All external facing systems are scanned regularly by the NetApp security team to ensure that they are locked down and only the required ports are open and no security flaws are present. This is a requirement for maintaining our certifications.