NetApp SnapCenter Software Resources

NetApp® SnapCenter® Software is a unified, scalable platform for data protection. SnapCenter provides centralized control and oversight and enables users to manage application-specific backup, restore, and clone jobs. By using SnapCenter, database, storage, and virtualization administrators learn a single tool to manage backup, restore, and clone operations for a variety of applications, databases, and VMs.

You can use SnapCenter to replicate data between on-premise environments, between on-premise environments and the cloud, and between private, hybrid, or public clouds.


The following resources are available to help you learn about SnapCenter, deploy it in your environment, and use it to meet your data protection needs. The resources on this page are for SnapCenter Software 4.0, which is the most recent SnapCenter release.


For previous versions, see these Documentation Centers:

Getting started

Installing and setting up SnapCenter Server and the plug-in packages

  • Installation and Setup Guide ▾

Developing and obtaining custom plug-ins for SnapCenter

Protecting your data and databases

Administering SnapCenter

  • Administration Guide ▾

Reference documentation

  • Linux Command Reference Guide ▾
  • Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide ▾

Related NetApp product documentation

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